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Today, we are seeing a shift in the healthcare industry. Many people are moving away from traditional insurance plans. They are setting up cash pay systems with providers to save themselves from monthly fees.

The biggest risk with this system is the possibility that they could become seriously ill and incur medical expenses that would only be affordable with insurance. But they also may not realize that they are missing out on wellness programs and incentives that many insurance companies offer. More than just perks, these programs and incentives can help you achieve your health goals.

What Wellness Programs Do Insurance Companies Offer?

  • Smoking Cessation: Many people struggle to quit smoking. Wellness programs can help by providing therapies, medications, and products such as nicotine patches, sprays, and lozenges that wean people off cigarettes. Members may target a Quit Day and receive follow-up appointments to ensure they stay smoke-free.
  • Diabetes Wellness Program: Diabetic patients often need extra support to ensure they make healthy food choices that reduce their risk of an episode. A wellness program will provide a combination of nutritionists, counselors, and diabetic educators to ensure a healthy diet. They may also provide necessary medications.
  • Stress Management Program: A stress management program includes counseling that will help individuals deal with stressors and become more resilient. Reduced stress will positively impact mental and physical well-being.
  • Financial Wellness: A financial wellness program may seem out of place in a health insurance landscape. But a smart financial outlook can improve mental health and prepare you to handle medical expenses. These programs will educate you, so you make wise financial decisions that help you achieve a brighter future.
  • General Health: Some private insurance companies may provide a general wellness program that ensures you attend regular screenings and doctor’s appointments. Patients may be assigned a portal that will help them work towards wellness goals. They will also gain access to valuable resources that will help them find the best care for their needs.
  • Women’s Health: A woman’s wellness program may focus on the patient’s emotional and mental needs. It will include recommendations for healthy aging and disease prevention. Healthy pregnancy programs are also available.
  • Weight Loss Wellness Programs: Weight loss programs motivate insurance carriers to lead healthier lifestyles. They can access counseling and useful advice that encourages them to exercise and eat healthier foods. People who follow the plans may lose as much as 3-4 pounds per week.
  • Senior Wellness: Senior wellness programs help reduce the risk of diseases and chronic conditions. They encourage members to eat healthier and be more active. They provide health assessments that ensure seniors are reaching their wellness goals.

What Incentives Do Insurance Companies Offer?

  • Gift Cards: Insurance companies often provide gift cards to clients that can be redeemed at health-related businesses. They may also offer gift cards for flights, and hotel accommodations to cover expenses incurred to unexpected events. The savings helps make healthcare more affordable.
  • On-Time Payment Rewards: Some insurance companies may recognize clients with a long record of ongoing payments and reward them with premium discounts and credits.
  • Rewards for Safe Behavior: Automobile and boat insurance companies may reward customers for a certain number of safe trips. Homeowners insurance may reward clients for taking safety precautions that reduce risk such as installing alarm systems, etc. Life insurance companies may reward clients for reaching preset health goals.
  • Sign-Up Rewards: Insurance companies may offer rewards in the form of gift cards and other incentives when new customers sign up.
  • Referrals: Clients may receive discounts and other rewards when they refer the company to friends and family.
  • Cross-Sell Incentives: Providers may offer discounts to customers who purchase additional services. For example, the company a client has auto insurance with may offer lower rates if they sign up for their health coverage. They may also get discounts for adding additional cars to the plan.
  • Discounts: A health insurance company may offer discounts on gym memberships and other health-related needs.

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